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Back To The Year Where The Legend Begins!

See all the lecturer loves dodgeball too! ^^
 Our first dodgeball community of MUCH.
Picture taken on the 20 August 2009.
Our coach Danson Chiew sitting at the corner thinking about hmm i don't know. hehe.
*why so serious Danson?*
Come attack JULIANNNN! :D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Due to.

We will update on KDU open and Mapcu shortly (soon-ish) :), sorry that we could not be efficient now, due to what happen to our last blog was a total lost. (hacked) . 


Figo's Cup PIX

Figo's Cup 

That Cup is taken by the girls champion the Viperinas :)

Won againts indera kayangan girls ( Don't underestimate these girls =P )

Still hyperactive? :)

 Picture with the coach (Danson)  and the rest of the team  :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The Players :)

Girls getting ready...

Our mat Jambu (sempat pose lg )


Break time...

Coach - 'pep talk'


Figo's Cup 2010'

The Figos Cup Dodgeball Competition OPEN was organized by the FIGOS and Malaysian Association of Dodgeball on the 13th June 2010 at the Panasonic Stadium, Shah Alam. Joined by the IPTA, IPTS students and dodgeball clubs from the Kawasan Rukun Tetangga from Terengganu, Kelantan and Perlis.

Our team were competing for the male and female match. Which had us sent the boys team ( Danson, Eddly, Rodney, Baharom, Muis, Arm, Najib, Malvin, Syamil, Dean, Dong ) and the girls team ( Dewi, Fiqah, Rin, Munirah(yen), Elly, Mei Mei, and Nabilah) and Julian, Aluz( fanfare) were there too for support, taking pictures and report. Caroline, Marcella, Bekz was involve in the MAD crew.

Our team started the 1st game soon after the opening ceremony, boys team was against Penyu Tabah, a bad start where Penyu Tabah won (3) while Viper scored (1). On the other hand the girls team, our Viperians was against KSN and hell such a shocking result and start, of all the butterflies the girls been having, Viperians scored 6 and KSN was 0! Too good to be true for a start.

2nd game, the boys lost to Indera Kayangan (5)- (0), whole girls on the other court won (2) against UCSI girls (1), it was satisfying but the girls were planning to lead on better on the next game, to get rid of the butterflies, girls were asked to scream their lungs out by Danson (our coach), which was done well by the Viperians. Boys can do better.

3rd game was different from predictions, the boys scored well against Delta Blades, it was 3 on Viper and opponent was 1. While the Viperians scored one heck of a number again, it was against Heuro Fc, Viperians walked out of the court with 5 while opponent was 0. It was again a satisfying saving number to semis for the girls.  Tired as they were, they mind and heart wasn’t.

4th game, it was the last round for the team before semi-finale. Boys lost to Taylor’s 2-0, while the girls scored 3 againts Indera Kayangan 2, from community. Their team was pretty good as well, in stamina to be exact ;), good news, the Viperians made it into Semi Finals, to the boys who didn’t, writing this making me have the hopes on you guys on the next competition to have the levels as the girls team too.

On the semi final round, the girl’s team who got through was Taylor’s, Indera Kayangan, and Penyu tabah.  Our lovely Viperians met up with Taylor’s and scored 2 (viperians) and Taylor’s (1). It was a one heck of a good news for the girls to get into final. Shocking as it is, the girls were as nervous as the people whos about to go for a booster. Danson as the coach were there for the girls for a last brief ‘pillow talk’ as we call it. Lol.

Finals, it was Viperians vs Kayangan Girls ( indera kayangan). It was against the community team, a pretty good one shall I say, they have the stamina and the heart onto it. So are the Viperians, it was filled with hectic crowds by that time, the Viperians was nervous to their toes but never show it, as it is to them it is about having fun too, and team work among each other. It was a tensed time for the team when both teams scored 1 on 1, on last few minutes, it was Dewi against one girl from the opponent’s team, and guess what? Dewi cathed the ball, and that makes us Viperians the Champion!!!!!

A big thank you and well done to all teams and the sponsors, to MAD and Figos for making this event such a big turned out for Vipers! <3
Astro Arena Video Shoot :)

This was held in Taylor’s college.

It was made after the hari belia in an intention to introduce Dodgeball to the viewers on tv. Masterskill Viper’s were among the teams who was invited for the video shoot. It was a collaboration between other colleges in making Malaysian Dodgeball Association to become a part of Astro Arena.

This was to show other individuals about Dodgeball on tv program, as a start the dodgeballers started with demonstration, fanfare and the game. It was a good way in showing that connecting with other colleges by extending the circles among others, with different culture and race that makes Dodgeball even more meaningful in making the community to shake hands among each other.

Special thanks to Astro Arena and Malaysian Dodgeball Association and the community. J


It was held in Putrajaya on the 14TH - 16TH MAY 2010, against IPTA and IPTS. There was UCSI, SEGI, INTI, Taylor’s, and etc. This event was held on behalf of the ministers of sports. A greeting was made by Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Menteri Belia dan Sukan and Datuk Dr.Ng Yen Yen, Menteri Pembangunan Wanita dan keluarga.

There were eight teams involved, things went well. Although Vipers didn’t make it to the semi finals but they got third place on the next day (Sunday) ‘Dodgeball Competition Open’. It was already satisfying for the team, on the Saturday match, it was a disappointment but our team can climb back up.

A very big appreciation to the MAD crews, our colleges, and to the winners, congratulation to UCSI, INTI and Taylor’s. 
Community Dodgeball Championship 
( We joined as a crew )

*Serving the community is our pleasure :)

This event is organized by the Malaysian Association Dodgeball with the collaboration of other sponsors as well, the Jabatan Perpaduan, Cimb, Revive, Figos and many more. It started just recently which was held in Puchong, the central zone on the 10th April 29, 2010, followed by the next zone, south, Malacca on the 17th April 29, 2010,  and the latest which was on the east zone, Kuala Terengganu 24th April 29, 2010 and it is still on-going now. Obviously this is a road show event to introduce Dodgeball to the community.
Luckily that Dodgeball was already well known in Malaysia as they called it ‘bola beracun’, well the bola beracun may not be as same as dodgeball because of different terms or rules, but the idea is pretty much the same, everyone can get the idea as quick as flash about dodgeball, just that dodgeball is actually a sport with an additional of new team roles such as the Spokesperson, fanfares, dodgettes and the blogger. So the advantages of introducing and spreading this sport to the community is not a waste of time at all, in spite of that everyone end up having the excitement and happiness when playing this game.
            Event successfully handled by the MAD crews, as we all know that all sports requires team work, integrity, intellectual thinking, well so is for making this event. It was also about the fellowship among the crews, not to mention the sweat they’re secreting, the team work among these people just awesome and outstanding, from different background and personalities, different race and cultures, its like two imperfect group forming a friendship together that results in them both becoming imperfectly perfect together. It’s the chemical balance within their heart, brain, and soul all working together. Everyone just “click”.
            Talking about team work, not forgetting the players who has participated in this community championship, the strategies that they have put up impressed not just the viewers but as well as the judges and press too. Since Dodgeball’s main priority is honesty, how surprisingly in Dodgeball no one actually underestimate this priority even during the game. They put their heart first before their head, regardless of who is hit by the ball first, mistakes as in accidently stepping on the line, the tiny fight, the little arguing, but with the sincere honesty among them, an acceptance on each fault unites million hearts to one, making this sport beneficial to everyone.
            Players are like the oxygen for each Dodgeball team, while the group 

supporters are like the food and water. Is it the energy and excitement and the power supplier in Dodgeball. Judges don’t just evaluate the players, but as well as the each of the group support roles. Intellectual thinking plays a major role in this, how creative are the fanfares, how inspirational is the blogger, how daring are the dodgettes, and how dynamic is the spokesperson.

            Effortlessly, with good strength, commitments, considerations, respecting, and infinity team work, this event is reaching its successful goal in gathering and uniting the community together of different cultures, race and backgrounds, by setting aside differences and putting heart before head. Friendship is in the middle of the ground between winning and losing. So try not to dodge this one okay ? ;)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Nilai nilai yang telah lama dilupakan dan tidak lagi diamalkan oleh orang"

Selalunya prinsip hidup seseorang adalah manjadi yang satu di antara seribu, tidak kira di mana jua mahupun susah atau senang matlamat yang hendak dicapai tetap di perjuang. Tetapi, ada sesetengah individu leka, kerana ingin terlalu mencapai kemenangan matlamat diri, keadaan sekeliling tidak dipeduli.

Seperti dalam permainan sukan, sama ada berpasukan atau individu, prinsip pertama yang diutamakan ialah kerjasama. Kerjasama di antara pasukan mahupun yang individu iaitu kerjasama bersama penyokong dan lawanan pasukan. Tidak ada dalam permainan sukan perlawanan berdasarkan kebencian, setiap perlawanan akan ada yang kalah dan yang menang, tetapi moral di sebalik perlawanan adalah semangat ‘boleh’, bila jatuh, semangat tidak akan hangus begitu sahaja maka semangat ingin bangun dan melatih diri dengan lebih baik sudah sedia dipendam dalam diri.

Selain itu, prinsip yang telah lama dilupakan ialah semangat bersatu ataupun bersama dalam apa jua keadaan yang dilalui bersama. Dalam sukan, tidak kira apa jua jenis sukan semua individu haruslah tahu prinsip permainan dan moral disebaliknya. Walaupun perlawanan di antara negeri di adakan tetapi perlawanan haruslah berdasarkan moral dan tujuan yang baik kerana kesimpulannya ia adalah untuk mencari wakil negara untuk mara ke depan. Sama ada penyokong, pelawan, kawan sepasukan mahupun orang sekeliling sikap bersama dan bersatu harus dipegang untuk mengelak kehadian renggang di antara satu sama lain.

Jika di ikutkan hati, semua individu menpunyai harapan yang sama dalam perlawanan, tetapi kita haruslah menitik beratkan sebab-sebab yang lain kita memasuki perlawanan, kesan selepas itu dan lain lain. Sebab kita menyertai sukan kadang kala bukan sahaja kerana hobi tapi juga kerana ingin mendedahkan diri dengan melatih diri bersuai kenal dengan masyarakat sekelilling, mengeratkan lagi hubungan silaturrahim antara sahabat, membawa kebaikan kepada negara sendiri, bukan sahaja membawa kabaikan kepada diri sendiri malah mendorong masyarakat lain merapatkan lagi hubungan persahabatan dengan aktiviti yang berfaedah.

Oleh itu, nilai nilai seperti ini haruslah dipegang dan diamalkan pada setiap individu. Ini bukanlah satu pengajaran yang perlu di ingatkan setiap waktu pada setiap individu malah diri sendiri patut tahu moral, ia ialah seperti peradaban di antara satu sama lain, bayangkan diri sendiri di kasut orang lain sebelum membuat sesuatu yang mungkin akan membawa keburukan kepada orang itu. Sikap memahami dan toleransi memainkan peranan yang penting dalam masyarakat, jadi kita sebagai manusia yang mempunyai perasaan jangan leka dan melupakan atau pun mamandang  rendah dengan nilai nilai mulia ini, biarpun ia ‘berbunyi’ mudah tetapi jika terlanjur kata-kata berkaitan dengan nilai nilai ini boleh membawa padah. Semua perkara ada sebabnya dan semua jalan ada penyelesaiannya tidak kira sejauh mana perhentian jalan itu, di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan.
Dodgeball exhibition - VIPERS

Date : 17th March 17, 2010
Venue : Masterskill University College of health Sciences
Time : 10 am to 5 pm

This is the second time MUCH dodgeball team held an exhibition in introducing dodgeball. Our president was Eddly, event manager was Danson, Marshall was Julian and some of the other crew on duty, Spokesperson was Eddly himself, Danson and Bryan, registration booth was handled by Caroline and Marcella, the blogger booth was handled by Julian, Brendan and Nabilah, distributing flyers was Brendan, Caroline, Marcella and some other crew. Not forgetting the doggettes/cheerleading team, and the photographer for this event was Eddly, Nabilah and Bryan.This event was not just about introducing dodgeball to the students but it was also about the crew working together in getting and gaining support for this community, it was the fellowship of the Vipers.

Event started around 10 am, the Viperians opened their booths, got their court ready, and distributing flyers to students as an invitation for the event. As an opening, the doggettes glitters as it were their 1st performance of the day, it took quite a lot viewers though. To make this event more lively, the other Viperians started a small game just so the viewers get the idea about dodgball and the exhibition.

It turns out, after a couple of hours the event started there was quite a few participants with their team filling up their names, it was the nursing team who started the whole havoc in this event. It was girls team against girls team. Not forgetting the Viperians ( senior ) who were there in teaching them the rules and regulation of the dodgeball game.

Around 2 pm , there was enough team to make a match against each other, it was a division of the Viperian’s and the newer’s, a combination of senior and the new comers. There was the best team match, last man standing, and the last women standing.

Overall, this event totally hook the chain in making all the Viperians worth sweating and the students worth smiling ;). The list of new comers was a satisfying number, and the Viperians believe that the list could extend more in days ahead.

T Shirt in the making :)

Round Neck

With Collar

The glossary.

Blue: Will-power and Perpaduan antara players

Yellow: Harmony Through conflict -> whenever we compete there is always harmony and peace afterwards...

The Serpent: signifies...
-Deceitfulness ( kelicikan)-> Our foes should beware of our flexibility on the court for we can strike where you least expect...

- Renewal, rebirth and regeneration ( corresponds to their shedding of skin to a new one)-> we can change ourselves int newly improved dodgeballers after a defeat or lost...

-Vengefulness and vindictiveness ( menaruh dendam)...

Snakes or Serpents is the international symbol for medical and medicine...according to greek mythology

Choosing Vipers has a meaning....among the four families of snakes. One of them is called vipers. Among the other species of snakes, Vipers has the longest fangs, for defense as well as offense, it can pierce through rubber gloves (thick ones).

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