Saturday, August 6, 2011

Know your VIPER~

When we represent the name Vipers, we should at least know what is Vipers~! this post is to give you increase in general knowledge. SSSSSsss~~~*flickers tongue*

Vipers falls under the Viperidae family. All have relatively long, hinged fangs that permit deep penetration and injection of venom.

Vipers lethal weapon~!!
That one drop can kill 50 rats at one go~!!
This is the only species of snake that injects more amount of venom, have much more venom, strikes more accurately and delivers more than one number of bite in a minute compared to all other species.

The two Kings of Vipers are The Crotalinae a.k.a Pit Vipers and The Viperinae a.k.a True Vipers

They find their victim (eg. TUPAI KILAT, PRISTANA PIRATES, HYENAS....hehe ^^V) through heat-sensing. That way, there is no escape once the strike is fixed and calculated~!!

Examples of Vipers :~ All these are famous names. You could say that they are 'celebrities' of the snake world.
 The Gaboon Viper
The Fer-De-Lance
The Death Adder

Rhinoceros Viper
The Bushmaster

So there, thats Vipers for y'all~!!! BE PROUD AND STRIKE WITH DETERMINATION~~!! 

Brendan Wong~Teehee~!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Viperina 2010

 Kenangan bersama VIPERINA 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Viperina merupakan team dodgeball perempuan Masterskill Vipers Dodgeball Club.Mula mencipta nama di kalangan peminat Dodgeball IPTA/ IPTS pada tahun 2010.Pertandingan pertama yang mengharumkan nama Vipers adalah Figos Cup.Tiada siapa yang dapat menduga bahawa Viperina sebuah team perempuan yang baru berjinak-jinak dengan sukan Dodgeball dapat menjadi johan dalam Kejohanan Dodgeball Figos Cup 2010.

                                                                         Keriangan terpancar dimuka  Vipers

                                                     Viperina                                                                                                                                                                                               Usaha Viperina membuahkan hasil sekali lagi apabila berjaya menumpaskan team perempuan dari IPTA/IPTS yang lain dan berjaya menjadi johan sekaligus terpilih menjadi TEAM MALAYSIA dalam  Dodgeball PlayOff pada tahun 2010 .Mereka juga terpilih untuk menjadi wakil Malaysia dalam INTERNATIONAL DODGEBALL FRIENDLY MATCH yang berlangsung di Taylor Lakeside pada November 2010.


Masih dapat tersenyum walaupun dihati gementar..


SEMINGGU latihan tanpa henti,PANAS ,HUJAN, RIBUT ,TAUFAN tetap mereka redahi dengan 1 matlamat untuk Berjaya dan menang dalam INTERNATIONAL DODGEBALL FRIENDLY MATCH..Mereka hanya diberi masa 2 hari untuk berlatih 
bola dodgeball HONGKONG.

                                         BOLA HONGKONG

New Strait Time  21st  November 2011

Coach  Danson tengah bagi arahan

Menerima hadiah  1st runner up

bersama-sama kawan-kawan yang banyak membantu

kegembiraan terpancar di setiap pemain Viperina 

Bersama Team dodgeball Singapura

bersatu hati di tengah padang

We are the champion

Bersama permain dari Hong Kong


prepare by
Julian Langgong...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball!~

Once again MUCH Vipers had its alternate daily training. This time, the training was about being alert and attentive lead by coach 

The training was simple. Everyone was numbered and each would take turn to sprint to the centre line before sprinting back. This was not only to train alertness among the Vipers but also FITNESS!!!
According to our coach, MUCH Vipers lacks teamwork.Therefore, from today onwards, we train as a team. One person’s mistake will be regarded as the whole team’s mistake. This would foster teamwork in all Vipers.Moving on to today's training,we had a session of throwing and catching. Then we had a rush in to tank. Next we also trained how to counter which means reflecting an in-coming projectile. Finally, what everyone waits for...the GAME!
We did not have much matches. Only three. Generally, these games were played based on time-10 minutes. This is to train Vipers to get used to the time limit during competitions. Both Andrew and Rolands's task were to guide and coach their respective teams.
The training ended at 8.30 p.m. Throughout the training, we saw the true potential of all Vipers. Who knows maybe when the time comes, they might make Masterskill proud by winning the annual epic event-CDL

Take care of your balls and they'll take care of you~

Vipers held a meeting to clarify the members of what lies 
ahead for each and every new committee members which was elected during MUCH Vipers road show 2011.
At 6p.m everyday, MUCH Vipers team trained as usual. We had new members which were recruited from the roadshow. Thus, we welcome all new members with open arms

All of them showed exceptional potential.

Now, let’s go more in depth which is the happenings in the training. Today’s training started with a simple drilling which was-Throw and Catch. This training’s purpose is to sharpen the accuracy of all Vipers. As everyone should know, accuracy is one of the most important element in dodgeball. Without accuracy and precision this game would be called throw and pick up balls
Besides gaining accuracy, all Vipers also learnt how to actually throw and catch the ball using the appropriate method since each and every person’s throwing method varies. Coach Danson also attended the training for a moment or two but went back home quickly as he is concentrating on his finals. With coach Danson’s guidance, all Vipers are sure to perform well during future trainings.
Training was until 8.30p.m. 

During the course of training, some highlights,some occurrences are highlighted as outgoing.
For example, Shazrin,a new Viper was headshot-ed

To the new Viperians, GOOD LUCK in tanking balls next time. Today’s training was mainly to expose the new Viperians and Viperinaz to the game play as well as the methods of playing and its rules. Teams are set by NEW CAPTAIN, Andrew Lee

~'sup homie~
Towards the ending of the training, there were many matches. All teams consisted of 6 players,as usual. Next, Andrew selected two boys out so that two girls could enter for each team. At last, a funny scene happened where Alex was ‘knocked out’ by a new Viperinaz, Farah. This just goes to show how laid back Vipers are.
In a nutshell, today’s training has been an excellent training which was led by Vipers new captain, Andrew Lee. Follow up the Vipers updates at

Thursday, January 13, 2011


4 Disember 2010 telah melakar sejarah bagi pasukan wanita Vipers Masterskill University College of Health Sciences kerana telah mewakili Malaysia ke Perlawanan Persahabatan Antarabangsa yang berlansung di Kolej Universiri Taylor's lakeside Subang..just nak share kegembiraan hari tu ngan korang walaupun hanya menduduki naib johan...apa pun tahniah diucapkan....aksi2 yang sempat dirakam......dan siaran akhbar mengenai perlawanan tersebut..jom saksikan bersama...


bersama pengulas Rasmi dodgeball Malaysia dan pengulas Vipers sendiri....Mr Joe...

Sebelum beraksi kena ambik pic dulu yer....

menerima hadiah daripada pegawai Sukan taylor's College

senyuman bangga jurulatih Mr Danson dan pemain2 handalan Malaysia....

moga tahun mendatang kita dapat bersama lagi.....tunggu aksi2 Vipers seterusnya....chaiyokkk



Hasil dari usaha kami selama ini.
kami berjaya menjadi wakil Malaysia dalam
 International Dodgeball Friendly Match 
Berbaloi penat lelah kami pergi latihan setiap petang..
hujan pun  turun latihan...

Sebelum tu nak bagitahu dulu..
bola kuning tu ,bola rasmi adalah Hong Kong..
jadi kami tidak  pandai sangat main guna bola tu.
bayangkan kami diberi masa
 2 hari 
untuk berlatih guna bola tu..
sedangkan pihak Hongkong dah lama
 berlatih guna bola  Malaysia..

Bergambar dengan Pemain Dari Hong Kong

 With Taylor's College student..presented Malaysia Association Dodgeball..

Bersama Permain dari SINGAPORE

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A field, a court cannot be run without a multidisciplinary team approach. Communication between team players, supporters and other members of the team is vital for positive outcomes and to ensure a high quality healthy game among others.

As we all would know and experienced, the adrenaline rush would start even before the competition itself, such as during trainings, the tense, the mishaps, the unsatisfied feelings, the uncertainties and whatever we call it that has given everyone a kick to tell that every living soul in the team needs to know the meaning of the word “READY”.

Obviously, a blogger’s day starts at the break of dawn with a cup of good coffee to be “READY” even before the competition to keep up with the team’s daily basis. As for the VIPERS, they have to start from scratch. Getting a coach like Danson is tougher than you would have thought, giving his attention on his Viper’s for a 3 hours training 3 times a week and when it is necessary for him to add an extra day in that particular week, he would and won’t take ‘NO’ for an answer, oh well, he is the captain! Our players seems to have drastic improvement during training, not to mention the physical hard work they have given to stay fit, they also using these training as their laughing gas instead, it is to break the unstable emotions, etc, one thing about our team, we never let our feelings linger even about anything just so we won’t get distracted on the important day on CDL. You see, training to us is not just about getting and giving the tense to each other just so everyone would be alert but it is also the time for us to hear each other’s feelings, could be whining, contradicting feelings among the team, conflict about the team, etc…

What’s there to ask for other than having the full team together at any day! In fact for us Vipers having a hard time to even drop a promise to keep up till the last day of CDL. Since it is a tough time to handle so many things at one time, such as Eddly one of the major people in Vipers were having an intense time just to figure out the plans for the group supports and how to handle the team’s timing. It is absolutely essential for him to know the daily basis on our team.

Our group support on the other hand having good commitments among each other, a good argue in choosing a good song, a good footwork, a good outfit. All of these factors here is the alibi in getting the team working together instead of being hypocritical in forcing own body to show up just because of an order, thank goodness our team is not showing any of bad symptoms anytime now.

Having a good leader and a great captain like Eddly and Danson is just a grateful thing our team could ever ask for. A killer Spokesperson Joe, our creative dodgettes, and hard working DODGERS has no obstacles nor whining in having a good fun time and putting integrity as one of the priority for this CAMPUS DODGEBALL LEAGUE 2010!



As you can see our so called “chart” above, to be honest it is pretty much intimidating to see at some number sometimes. But our team would never let a digit to bring or deter us down, we know it is not the end of the world and not the worst of all, because we wont back down,we will never take a day for granted although the feeling of loosing sometimes it’s hard to let go, but with a positive attitude and thinking, what we do we carry through it, we learn from our disappointments, our mishaps as a guide to the next challenges!

All the best of luck you guys! 

BY Nabilah :)