Sunday, July 24, 2011

Take care of your balls and they'll take care of you~

Vipers held a meeting to clarify the members of what lies 
ahead for each and every new committee members which was elected during MUCH Vipers road show 2011.
At 6p.m everyday, MUCH Vipers team trained as usual. We had new members which were recruited from the roadshow. Thus, we welcome all new members with open arms

All of them showed exceptional potential.

Now, let’s go more in depth which is the happenings in the training. Today’s training started with a simple drilling which was-Throw and Catch. This training’s purpose is to sharpen the accuracy of all Vipers. As everyone should know, accuracy is one of the most important element in dodgeball. Without accuracy and precision this game would be called throw and pick up balls
Besides gaining accuracy, all Vipers also learnt how to actually throw and catch the ball using the appropriate method since each and every person’s throwing method varies. Coach Danson also attended the training for a moment or two but went back home quickly as he is concentrating on his finals. With coach Danson’s guidance, all Vipers are sure to perform well during future trainings.
Training was until 8.30p.m. 

During the course of training, some highlights,some occurrences are highlighted as outgoing.
For example, Shazrin,a new Viper was headshot-ed

To the new Viperians, GOOD LUCK in tanking balls next time. Today’s training was mainly to expose the new Viperians and Viperinaz to the game play as well as the methods of playing and its rules. Teams are set by NEW CAPTAIN, Andrew Lee

~'sup homie~
Towards the ending of the training, there were many matches. All teams consisted of 6 players,as usual. Next, Andrew selected two boys out so that two girls could enter for each team. At last, a funny scene happened where Alex was ‘knocked out’ by a new Viperinaz, Farah. This just goes to show how laid back Vipers are.
In a nutshell, today’s training has been an excellent training which was led by Vipers new captain, Andrew Lee. Follow up the Vipers updates at

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