Saturday, August 6, 2011

Know your VIPER~

When we represent the name Vipers, we should at least know what is Vipers~! this post is to give you increase in general knowledge. SSSSSsss~~~*flickers tongue*

Vipers falls under the Viperidae family. All have relatively long, hinged fangs that permit deep penetration and injection of venom.

Vipers lethal weapon~!!
That one drop can kill 50 rats at one go~!!
This is the only species of snake that injects more amount of venom, have much more venom, strikes more accurately and delivers more than one number of bite in a minute compared to all other species.

The two Kings of Vipers are The Crotalinae a.k.a Pit Vipers and The Viperinae a.k.a True Vipers

They find their victim (eg. TUPAI KILAT, PRISTANA PIRATES, HYENAS....hehe ^^V) through heat-sensing. That way, there is no escape once the strike is fixed and calculated~!!

Examples of Vipers :~ All these are famous names. You could say that they are 'celebrities' of the snake world.
 The Gaboon Viper
The Fer-De-Lance
The Death Adder

Rhinoceros Viper
The Bushmaster

So there, thats Vipers for y'all~!!! BE PROUD AND STRIKE WITH DETERMINATION~~!! 

Brendan Wong~Teehee~!!!

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